​​Lukas Taraila
HR and Administration Manager

Years of experience: 7

Expertise: Administration and

Human Resource Management

Eimantas Drevinskas

Years of experience: 8

Expertise: HR and Team


Romas Cetrauskas
Team Leader

Years of experience: 8

Expertise: Sites and staff


Rita Gueguen
Managing Director

Years of experience: 18

Expertise: Property Management

James O'Farrell
Operations Manager

Years of experience: 17

Expertise: Security and

Operations Management

Our Team

To provide our customers with comprehensive security that is moulded to the needs of each individual client and property, to communicate quickly and efficiently and to provide value at every level of operations.

Our experience in all facets of manned guarding as well as facility management means that we will always work to maximise the benefit of having our team on site. We strive to always give our customers a secure and safe place to work or visit married with a high level of communication and efficiency.

Our Vision

Man Guarding Security Solutions