Case Study 3

Multi-Unit Park

This site is a multi-use site mixing mostly retail units including a large multiple with corporate offices and a gym in North Dublin inner city. The site is open to the public and is adjacent to high traffic streets. 

External Cleaner: Monday to Sunday for 4 hours in a split shift of 2 duties of 2 hours. During the duty the cleaner is responsible for the entirety of the site including all external bins, car park waste, signage and graffiti. The cleaner also liaises with tenants on waste collection and disposal where required. The cleaner is supported on site by 24 hour security and works in partnership with them on spotting any anti-social behaviour on site. The cleaner has occasion to use equipment such as compactors, street sweepers and pressure washers during the course of his duties. Security:Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day. The security team on site are responsible for all common areas of the site. Their time is split to 80% on patrol and visible to tenants and customers and 20% on CCTV monitoring. Because of the nature of the surrounding housing the site faces a mix of visitors and one ongoing problem is the anti-social element. In cooperation with the site management and the local Garda station a support and escalation protocol has been put in place that has reduced graffiti to almost zero and the anti-social elements that were deterring other visitors to the site have nearly all but been precluded from the main areas. Security officers also interact with visitors to the site in vehicles and also any traffic parking issues.

Case Study 1

Multi-Unit Retail Park

This is a multi-unit location with open access to all. The range of business include small industrial manufacturing units, mixed retail, restaurant, bar, health and fitness and international multiples. 

Based in a north Dublin Suburb:

Caretaker: Monday to Friday from 08:30 – 17:00. The day time caretaker is responsible for all day time activity but carries a site contact phone for immediate escalation to local Garda, property management and security. Day time duties include site defect reporting, post deliveries, bin and compactor maintenance, fork lift operations, key holding and health and safety supervision. Security: Monday to Friday nights and weekends. The caretaker hands over to security each evening and for the weekends. The security team are responsible for opening and closing access routes, landlord controlled internal properties, CCTV monitoring and overall site security and reporting.

Case Study 2

Business Park

This is a multi-tenanted corporate park with some mixed facilities on site. Some of the on-site business are open to public use so there is a high vehicular use and large amount of landscaping. Individual tenants have their own security provisions in place but not all.

Based just on the outskirts of Dublin city south:

Caretaker: The caretaker is on site Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:30 plus limited hours on the weekends. The caretaker acts as the main liaison between the landlord’s property management team and the tenants facility managers. He is responsible for all activity on site and oversees the provision of all maintenance and site upkeep, including more than 800 car parking spaces over 2 subterranean levels. As well as general cleaning and maintenance he also address’ fire systems testing and acts as the emergency controller for the entire complex as and when required. Unlike the previous site mentioned this site does not have a dedicated night time static security presence but in the evenings and weekends when the foot fall is at its lowest it relies on CCTV, Alarm and mobile patrol monitoring for effective security.


Our approach

In recent years customers have looked to get more value from visible hours. These are typically day time business hours on multi use sites where there is open access to for the general public or multi-tenant buildings in either mixed use or corporate parks. EPM provides multi-skilled caretakers that not only work on maintaining site cleanliness but they can also do much more:

  • Fixed daytime contact point for contractors
  • Real time eyes on the ground for escalation
  • Anti-social behaviour deterrent
  • A link between tenants and property management
  • Defect reporting and resolution
  • Health and safety including fire safety