Caretaker Services

Our janitor or caretaker services combine the jobs of both an internal and external cleaner with an on-site handyman. Our caretakers can communicate directly with your staff or tenants to best represent you on site. Some of the roles they fulfill on sites would include emergency coordinator in case of fire or other issues (leaks or snow & ice), on site contact for contractors (Issuing of access materials and work permits), a deterrent for anti-social behaviour (Graffiti and fly tipping), power washing (Bin rooms or building exteriors) and escalation and or resolution of health and safety issues.

Corporate / Office Cleaning

Our highly trained staff pride themselves on doing their job well. We strongly believe that a clean work environment is a good work environment. Our staff work quietly and efficiently in offices and multi-tenanted buildings throughout Dublin.  If you are moving into new office space or simply want to spruce up your current space then ask us about our deep clean services. This includes work station cleaning, windows, carpet washing and canteens / kitchenettes.

External Cleaning

Our external cleaners work hard on maintaining the exterior of many different types of sites from Retail parks, business parks and multi-use centres. Their duties include maintaining clear roads and pathways, litter picking, waste reconciliation, graffiti removal, car park maintenance and light maintenance duties including power washing, line marking and painting. They also provide support for health and safety issues and where possible resolve issues that could put you, your staff or visitors at risk EG: uneven paving stones, damaged or non-functioning lights or other slip trip and fall hazards.